Your data is vital for don't want to lose are dependent on it for youvr work or for your personal record keeping. If you have an Internet broadband connection, as most people today have, then an online backup service might be right for you. Today... this has become an easy solution which is both cheap and convenient!

Securing your data in today’s world is a must! One day you can be infected with a virus or your hard drive can stop working. That’s when you will thank yourself that your computer information has been securely stored on a backup.

Act before a disaster happens! Not after it happens! Well, you do take data backups of your system? Don’t you?

Finding out the right data backup solution just for you can be confusing.

Your need depends on what you want to backup, how you want to backup it up and on what type of computer or network you are using.

Today it can be difficult to choose the right backup solution that you need. Not because they are difficult to find, but because there are too many of them.

Are you looking for an data backup solution?

What should you backup?
How should you backup?
Broadly, storage is divided into

• Backup (Standalone DAT, LTO, Autoloaders, Tape Libraries& Virtual tape Libraries, Disk based Backup).

• Storage (NAS, Stand-alone Disk-storage, ISCSI-SAN, FC SAN, Unified Storage solution, Blade storage and enterprise class SAN solution).

SWARNA offers integrated consolidation solutions that can help your organization standardize and simplify your storage environment in a flexible and systematic way.

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    Application Consolidation

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    Backup consolidation

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    Online and SAN Consolidation

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    Unified Infrastructure Management

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    Storage virtualization